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Merydith Willoughby

International OD consultant / writer / media contributor

Working at the forefront of change as a thought leader, advisor to executives and a new manager’s best friend, Merydith Willoughby has the ability to influence many when designing, developing and managing key projects. This is the driving force behind anything that Merydith is involved in.

  • Significant successful international experience in project management, OD consultancy, media, writing, leadership development, developing and assessing individuals within a given framework to enable them to thrive in their role.
  • Thrives on challenges, embraces the unknown and leads with an innovative, half glass full attitude and disposition.
  • Critical thinker and decision maker, strong communicator, culturally competent, self aware, organised and adaptable.
  • Proven ability to maintain a 'big picture' view while recognising the importance of close attention to detail.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills with the ability to clearly communicate ideas.
  • Provides leaders with quality professional development that embeds personal leadership skills in areas such as instructional leadership, culture building, behaviour management and performance management.
  • Builds a team of aspiring, high potential leaders by identifying and assisting managers to retain and develop individuals who have strong leadership potential.
  • Demonstrated cross-cultural skills and ability to work with team members from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Engages current leadership in collaboration at various stages of engagement, including goal setting and review of progress.
  • Thinking time is an essential component of any organisation and Leadership Talk leads the way with this. It starts at the top and is threaded throughout any successful organisation. Thinking time is not wasting time. (Read Thinking chapter in Sex in the Boardroom).

Merydith has been passionate about learning and developing herself since in her 20s and below are some of her educational achievements. Formal education has underpinned professional and personal life and indeed has been an incredibly life changing experience. However, it is the ongoing informal education (in many areas) that Merydith has embraced since being in 20s that provides the expertise, confidence and passion to continue building professional life.

  • Bachelor of labour studies, major in industrial relations, politics, women’s issues, labour issues.
  • Postgraduate in education and politics; cross institutional degree from three major universities.
  • Argument & critical thinking, philosophy department.
  • Certificates in cert1V first line management, cert1V management, cert1V small business management, women’s studies cert, executive coach training cert, team coach training cert, intensive coach training cert, certified coach, cert1V assessment & workplace training, para legal advocacy cert, information processing stage 1 &11, computer applications, desktop publishing level 1 & 11, powerpoint.

You are invited to contact Merydith Willoughby  to discuss your leadership and organisational requirements.

Merydith Willoughby
New York City 718 790 9729
Australia 011 61 435086641

Given the diversity of roles that Merydith Willoughby has enjoyed as a professional and that she has had her own international business since 2003, she can provide you with many services.

Here is a sample. Ask for what you need if it is not here.

  • OD consultancy
  • Leadership development
  • Performance management
  • Leadership coaching
  • Corporate coaching and development
  • Small business management and coaching and development
  • Employee management and development
  • Change management projects
  • Career coaching
  • Interview coaching
  • Productivity improvement
  • Executive coaching and development
  • Time management coaching
  • Writing articles for your blog or newspaper
  • Community development and coaching
  • Public sector development and coaching
  • Support, guidance and encouragement in your professional and personal life
  • Life coaching and development
  • Executive committee development and coaching
  • Board development and coaching
  • International development and coaching
  • Radio interviews
  • Television interviews

Client feedback

This is the best professional development process I have ever undertaken. The process is unique to any other I have experienced.

Merydith approaches the whole leadership development role from a unique perspective.

She does not lecture in a direct sense, rather she builds an initial framework, providing starting cues and ideas, and through the use of self-reflection she allows the participants to create a vision for themselves, allowing you to formulate a development and improvement process that is tailored to your individual needs and leadership style.

The work I have done has provided me with a whole new way of approaching my work. It has given me the tools with which to construct a framework on which I can manage and balance my role.

Through the use of this process I have been able to build on my own personal strengths and develop the tools and formulate a strategy for success that works for me.

I used to work hard without stopping to reflect if I was making the best use of my time.

I am now working a lot smarter and as a result have developed a process to improve departmental outputs and reduce stress levels.

District Officer Special Operations - Technical Rescue